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AMBERZINE #4 issue 02-03/2018/ BLACK AND WHITE

Do you like the contrast of black and white?
Every time discussing new fashion trends, we sooner or later come back to eternal classics that always looks perfect, suits everyone, never fails and always looks both elegant and sophisticated, noble and tasteful. The combination of black and white has always been used to show the unity and struggle of opposites.
There are many things we associate with these colors, from Yin and Yang to good and evil, innocence and vice, truth and lies, the light and the dark. They are two polar opposites and absolute contrasts with no middle ground whatsoever.
Different combinations of black and white attract us with their magical and mesmerizing power, whether it is shepherd’s plaid, ever-stylish paisley print, polka dot or white shirts underneath black tuxedos. These are the strongest contrasting combinations that make every single detail pop.
The combination of black and white with its harmony makes us realize that there is always light after the dark, that without the evil there is no good, and the darkness is nothing but a lack of light. This crystal clear combination has no emotions to it. Enjoy the purity and beauty of these lines.